We aim to help clinicians and researchers communicate their work clearly and precisely, in order to

• Present the subject in a logical, concise, and complete message
• Organize input from multiple authors into consistent and readable text
• Help readers quickly understand exactly what the author wants to say
• Facilitate publication in respected, high-impact medical and scientific journals
• Reach the largest possible international audience



We work with publishers and with individual physicians, surgeons, nurses, and biomedical researchers, especially those whose first language is not English (ESL authors).

We specialize in

• Editing and rewriting manuscripts for peer reviewed journals, grant and fellowship applications, reports, and monographs
• Providing quality assurance for regulatory documents



KMN Communications is led by Kathryn (Kathy) Nelson Emily, E.L.S., a Mayo Clinic-trained medical editor

• More than 25 years of experience in writing and editing complex manuscripts and regulatory documents in academic research and the pharmaceutical industry.
• Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences
• Earned American Medical Writers Association Core Curriculum and Advanced Certificates
• Experience in numerous fields, with special focus on colorectal disease, surgery, diabetes, and hematology